Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Wonder Why

By Louis Tutwaller

I wonder why there's no clouds up in the closet I looked for my favorite shoo fly! Don't bother me with a bunch of carrots and paisleys that look like hairy little parameci - um, could you repeat that last parting your hair in the middle is a sign of rebellions, tomatoes and hold the may. . . yo - -yo string is all tied in Knots Berry Farm used to be a simpler kind of life when folks would just go to the park and listen to music played by trombones and Sue's got a new phone in if you know the answer to our trivia question: How many steps would the average millipede take to walk around the Earth and back again so soon?


Anonymous said...

Wow. That was deep. I didn't know Mr. Tutwaller was also a poet. He must be a great poet indeed. I think the poetry reading I saw on PBS must have been inspired by him. He has definitely thrown off the constraints of conventional language barriers. A sign of greatness indeed.

Veemack said...

Yes. I hadn't considered posting poetry on this blog before but this really seemed to be an important addition to the other posts from Mr Tutwaller. I discovered that Mr Tutwaller is a retired professor from Berkley and an Episcopalian vegan who practices primal scream therapy in his hot-tub, and who is actively campaigning to get the U.S. out of Iraq ASAP because President Bush was actually the very one who personally flew both planes into the World Trade Center so that he could have a gas station on the White House lawn. In other words, no one in his/her right mind would conceive of disagreeing with someone of Mr Tutwaller's stature.

Anonymous said...

Who could disagree with someone that skilled in ambiguity? Anyone who can so deftly bewilder his audience certainly cannot be disagreed with. In fact I feel disoriented enough now that I need to sit down and ponder this some more and look for deeper meaning and all that.