Saturday, December 12, 2020

Oak Tree on Central Florida Gulf Coast

 I was trying out a Tamron Adaptall2 BBAR CF 35-80mm f2.8 SP 01A lens that just arrived from eBay and rather carelessly shot a picture of this oak tree.  The original color shot was as drab as a lukewarm bowl of soggy Cheerios.  However, the wood railing below the tree intrigued me and I wondered what the image might look like in black and white.  It looked a little better in monochrome but still lacked much interest.  Processing it in Lightroom, I began to experiment with the color sliders while it was in black and white.  Eventually, I pulled up the blue and the sky darkened, and there was the Ah-Ha moment where you realize the image has potential.  Next, I slid the green over and achieved that 1930s movie still style that makes you wonder if it is real or on a studio set.  For example, the outdoor scenes from the movie Key Largo don't appear perfectly real, but they have a style that is captivating and memorable.