Saturday, October 31, 2020

Photography Lesson Two

Recommended Photography Resources

Post-Processing / “Developing” Software and Mobile Applications

·     Note: Adobe Lightroom is the “standard” but some photographers are switching to Affinity.

·    Note: Snapseed and Photoshop Express are very good free alternatives.

Adobe Lightroom ($$ / free) – All formats [Lightroom is free on Android]

Snapseed (Free) – Android

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free) – All formats

Adobe Photoshop ($$$) – All formats

Affinity ($) – Windows/Mac (Competes with Adobe Photoshop but much less expensive)

GIMP (Free) – Windows Open Source:


Used Camera Resources

·    Note: Recommend at least 8 megapixels. 12 megapixels are better, and 16 megapixels are great.· 

Roberts Camera (eBay) and

KEH Camera (also on eBay)

eBay – numerous sources

Offer Up (mobile app similar to Craigs List)

Garage Sales

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